Top things to do in Diriamba

Top Choice Religious in Diriamba

Fiesta de San Sebastián

The most remarkable of the fiestas patronales (saints days) celebrated in the Pueblos Blancos, this week-long folklore celebration blends pagan and Catholic elements with exuberant costumes and dance. Look out for t…
Nature Centre in Diriamba

Gaia Estate

Birdwatching and coffee tours are conveniently rolled into one at Gaia Estate, a lush, 90-acre organic coffee farm. Over 150 species of birds live here, and forested trails lead past 60 species of trees. From Diriam…
Museum in Diriamba

Museo Ecológico Trópico Seco

Nicaragua’s first natural history museum (sort of) offers informative, if low-budget, displays that focus primarily on the ecosystem of the Río Grande de Corazo and turtles of the Refugio de Vida Silvestre Río Escal…