Beach in Little Corn Island

Iguana Beach

Situated below the hill of Casa Iguana this is really just the southern extension of Cocal beach. There is a solid stretch of sand here as it is protected by the headland.
Beach in Little Corn Island

Cocal Beach

A long stretch of white sand fronted by brilliant turquoise waters. It has lost a lot of its mass through erosion but is still a fine place for a stroll.
Beach in Little Corn Island

Otto Beach

A lovely narrow beach with multicolored waters on the north of the island. The grassy slopes leading down to the water have been taken over by a new luxury resort complete with a security guard to chase away explore…
Lighthouse in Little Corn Island


Little Corn's lighthouse is a metal tower that doesn't actually emit any light any more, but it does offer fine panoramas all around the island.
Beach in Little Corn Island

Goat Beach

A secluded bay surrounded by jungle on the north side of the island that gets very few visitors.
Beach in Little Corn Island

Big Fowl House Beach

Just to the south of Casa Iguana, this is a fine secluded cove.
Museum in Great Corn Island

Culture House

The museum in this wooden building next to the stadium won't hold your attention very long with its pictures of old beauty queens, preserved lobsters and collection of John Grisham novels. But there are a couple of …
Church in Great Corn Island


The diminutive Ebenezer Baptist church with its singular tower was founded in the 1850s and is a local landmark on the north side of the island.
Beach in Little Corn Island

Jimmy Lever Beach

On the southern side of the island, this remote beach faces the open water and the water has quite a few rocks. Scenic rather than idyllic.