Condega attractions

Viewpoint in Condega


This faux control tower lookout at the Parque El Avion offers fantastic views of the town, its tiled roofs and palm trees jutting out of a canopy of green. To get to the park, climb the steep dirt trail across the s…
Park in Condega

Parque El Avion

Condega’s most unique attraction is the riveted twin-engine bomber used by the FAN (Nicaraguan Air Force) to bomb the region. It was shot down on April 7, 1979. Now it sits, tagged in lovers’ graffiti, at Airplane P…
Museum in Condega

Museo Arqueológico Julio César Salgado

Packed with ceramic bowls, studded incense burners, and stone tools dating back to AD 300. A map in the corner marks some 60 unexcavated or partially excavated archaeological sites in the area.