Top Choice Museum in Bluefields

Museo Histórico Cultural de la Costa Caribe

Learn about the Caribbean region's diverse cultures with a visit to this fascinating museum that contains an interesting mix of historical items from the pre-Columbian era and British rule, including a sword belongi…
Nature Reserve in Bluefields

Reserva Silvestre Greenfields

This privately managed, 284-hectare wildlife reserve near Kukra Hill has tracts of both mangroves and jungle, and offers a variety of activities including canoeing, swimming and hiking. Advanced reservations essenti…
Market in Bluefields


Spilling out from a dank warehouse perched on a public pier, the local market is packed with small stands displaying pineapple, banana, citrus and casaba. Alongside, other stalls sell fresh fish, shrimp, prawns and …
Church in Bluefields

Moravian Church

This large concrete church is Bluefield's most iconic building and was constructed to the exact specifications of the 1849 wooden original, destroyed in Hurricane Juana. Like all churches of the order it has a red t…
Island in Bluefields

Rama Cay

Located inside Bluefields' bay, this barbell-shaped island is home to around 800 people – around half of all remaining Rama Indians. Isolated by the dominant Miskito culture, they still speak their own language and …
Church in Bluefields

Catholic Church & Clock Tower

A modern white and green Catholic Church with a retro clock tower.
Park in Bluefields

Parque Reyes

Bluefields best green space is a popular meeting point with impressive 25m trees sprouting bromeliads in the canopy and a monument to the six ethnic groups of the region.
Port in Bluefields

El Bluff

Across the bay, the port of El Bluff is nestled at the point of a long sliver of land where the Caribbean Sea rushes into Bahía de Bluefields. There is not much to see in the town, but the enormous oil tanks and shi…
Waterfront in Bluefields

Malecón de Santa Rosa

A new waterfront area on the way to the airport offering views across Bluefields Bay that is a popular gathering place for families. It also pulls a crowd for social drinks in the evening.