Checking flights...


Most visitors arrive in Bilwi by plane. La Costeña offers three daily flights from Puerto Cabezas Airport to Managua (one way/round trip US$97/149, 1½ hours) and thrice-weekly services to Bluefields (US$96/148, 50 minutes).


The boat connecting Bilwi to Bluefields and Corn Island sank in 2017 after a collision with another vessel. There is currently no replacement boat service connecting Bilwi to the southern Caribbean coast. For nearly all villages to the south of Bilwi, collective boats leave from the dock at Lamlaya, 2km south of town.


Uncomfortable, overcrowded and slow buses depart from the chaotic bus terminal, 2km west of town. A taxi colectivo from the center will cost C$20 (US$0.60).

Managua (US$16.50, 16 to 20 hours, 10am, 1pm & 4pm)

Rosita (US$6.50, six to 10 hours, 7am & 11:45am)

Siuna (US$9.50, 10 to 12 hours, 11:30am)

Waspám (US$6.50, six hours, 6am & 6:30am)