Museo Auka Tangki

Top choice museum in Waspám & the Río Coco

Don’t miss Dr Dionisio Melgara Brown’s museum, a 10-minute walk along dirt roads curving away from the river. Brown, a retired teacher, built this museum on the ground floor of his home with his own savings in order to preserve Miskito language, history and tradition.

Inside, you’ll peruse photos and artifacts including hammocks and a fishing net handwoven from natural materials, cow-skin drums, shakers made from horse clavicles, wooden bowls, turtle shells, and huge mortar-and-pestle sets used for making wabul, a traditional Miskito power shake consisting of plantains mashed with coconut or cow’s milk. Brown also sells the world’s only Miskito-Spanish and Miskito-English dictionaries (US$25), which he wrote and published himself.