Today’s travelers have the option to experience so many diverse kinds of accommodations, from five-star luxury hotels to bespoke campsites and glamping sites. Airbnb has become a major player in the game, offering everything from the quirky and unique to the lavish and stylish. With that in mind, a group of friends in the UK decided to have some fun by placing a mattress in a field to create “the worst Airbnb ever”. Upon uploading their listing however, they were shocked to receive requests from people eager to stay.

Done by YouTubers Rhys Simmons and Jamie Kamaz for their Passion Squad channel, the prank saw them buying a mattress along with bedsheets and a pillow and placing it beneath a tree in the middle of a field and uploading it as a listing to Airbnb. They even went as far as collecting additional furniture like a bedside table and a lamp to “furnish” the experience and had two glasses of water on a tray to act as refreshments.

“This whole year we've been traveling a fair bit and have stayed in hundreds of different Airbnbs and we honestly thought we could do a better job than some of the ones we stayed in, even with a zero budget. So we looked online for some inspiration and we loved the visual aesthetic of Null Stern hotel, so that's the look we went for,” Jamie Kamaz told Lonely Planet.

Upon uploading the images of the bed and the locker in the field, the pair were surprised that some actual requests to stay came in. One prospective guest wrote, “Is the room equipped with AC?” while another said that she would be happy to sleep there provide it didn’t rain.

Bed YouTube.jpeg
Rhys Simmons and Jamie Kamaz had to tape the mattress to the roof of a car © Passion Squad

“To be truly honest , we weren't expecting anything. The purpose of it was to film it for our YouTube channel as we thought it'll be an interesting and funny challenge to take part in. Within 24 hours we had over ten requests which was just so mind-blowing. After receiving so many we thought we might have to actually host someone for real as we had no expectation to receive any messages!”

Jamie also said that the response to the video has been incredible, with it trending in different countries around the world and with positive, amused comments coming in.

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