If his legions of Instagram followers weren’t enough, the renowned French pastry chef Cédric Grolet has now been named the world’s best restaurant patissier at the Grandes Tables competition in New York City – and his cakes will make your mouth water.

Award-winning chef is head pastry chef at Hotel Meurice in Paris
Cedric Grolet is head pastry chef at Hotel Meurice in Paris. Photo by FRED DUFOUR/ AFP/Getty Images

32-year-old Grolet, who is the head pastry chef at the Le Meurice hotel in Paris, has already built up a fan base of more than 500,000 followers on the social networking website where he regularly shows off his dessert skills. Renowned for his trompe-l'œil (optical illusion) cakes, Grolet specialises in puddings that look like fruit—lemons, apples, peaches and the like—which actually turn out to be cakes and pastries.


Grolet, whose inventive pastries feature on the menu of Alain Ducasse’s Restaurant Le Dalí, impressed esteemed judges like Jean-François Piège, who has two Michelin stars, and chocolatier and pastry chef Pierre Hermé to win the award.


The French capital is well known for its delicious array of sweet treats but some cake shops completely take the biscuit such as La Pâtisserie, which is run by chef Cyril Lignac; Pâtisserie Michalak, which serves its treats in shapes like flip-flops and electrical power boards; and Stohrer which invented both the baba au rhum (rum-soaked sponge cake) and the puits d’amour (caramel-topped, vanilla cream-filled puff pastry).

In what must be one of the enviable Instagram blogs in the city, Desserted in Paris photographs puddings and shoes together with a belly-rumbling collection of macarons, eclairs, tarts and cakes and colourful trainers.

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