Better book your seat now: US airlines are predicting that air travel over the Labor Day holiday could break all previous records for summer travel. Airlines are predicting 14.2 million people will fly over the holiday weekend, representing an increase of 3% from last year.

Las Vegas airport names sixth hottest. Image by kennejima / CC BY 2.0
Las Vegas airport wil be busy for Labor Day. Image by kennejima / CC BY 2.0

The boom in bookings mean that 2015 could be the biggest summer ever for air travel in the United States. Industry experts put the increase down to a rebound in spending following the economic recovery combined with greater accessibility to cheap flights. ‘Air travel continues to be more accessible and a bargain for cost-conscience consumers,’ said John Heimlich, the chief economist of Airlines for America. Airlines are responding to the spike by scheduling more flights and using bigger planes. Airlines of America is predicting 222 million travellers will fly between 1st June and 31st August this year, beating the previous record of 217 million travellers in 2007. Read more:

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