Surge pricing is now in effect at Disneyland in California and Disney World in Florida, so travellers hoping to spend a day at the happiest place on Earth should check their calendars before booking a trip.

The Sleeping Beauty Castle in Disneyland.
The Sleeping Beauty Castle in Disneyland.

The demand-based pricing means that those buying a one-day pass will pay a different price depending on when they visit. According to Disney Park’s blog, each month is divided into value, regular and peak days. Peak days, such as winter holidays, will cost more.

Disneyland’s website lists value tickets from $95 – generally on mid-week days – a regular ticket from $105 and a peak ticket from $119. There will be 83 value days this year, reports Bloomberg.

In March, seven days at Disneyland are listed as value days, 10 are regular and 14 are peak. In April, there are 12 value days, eight regular and 10 peak days.

As demand at Disney Parks continues to grow, the parks have looked “for ways to help spread out visitation”, according to a Disney blog post, and introduced the surge pricing, which is an approach that is used in “sports, entertainment and travel”.

Disney has also announced plans for the expansion of its parks, with themed lands based on successful films such as Avatar and Toy Story. One highly-anticipated addition is Star Wars-themed lands at both parks. Disney acquired Lucasfilm – the production company behind the Star Wars films – in 2012, and released the Star Wars Episode VII in 2015, which became the third-highest grossing film of all time.

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