If you’re dreaming of a white Christmas, it may be time to look towards the UK and Ireland for your winter holidays. But residents dismayed at the recent predictions for a cold and snowy winter may want to look towards warmer climes while booking their winter vacations.

A snowy scene in London.
A snowy scene in London.

According to the Telegraph, forecasters are warning of a cold winter and imminent temperature drops in the UK. Snow has already been predicted for the Highlands of Scotland on Saturday by the British Met Office.

Irish weathercasters are looking towards a cold winter, but an actual forecast for Christmas morning won’t be released until much closer to that time. Regardless of certainty, media reports from around the UK and Ireland report bookmakers cutting the odds as bets pour in for a white Christmas.

The cold is believed to be caused  by a large area of cold water in the North Atlantic, apparently from melting ice in Greenland.

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