For many wedding-goers, the cutting of the cake or the couples' first dance are lovely parts of the matrimonial tradition. But in one Russian city, a bizarre list of new rules for weddings have been set out to make those acts against the law.

The mayor of Chechya's capital city has banned cutting cakes at weddings for being too "Western".
The mayor of Chechya's capital has banned cutting wedding cakes for being too "Western".

The mayor of Grozny, the capital of the Russian republic of Chechnya, has introduced a number of wedding standards, including banning cake-cutting, prohibiting the bride from dancing, and stopping all “indecent” dance moves at “traditional weddings” according to the Moscow Times.

The paper notes that it is unclear who would determine whether a wedding is traditional.

The ban is apparently aimed at safeguarding the “spiritual and moral development” of the youth in the largely Muslim republic in the Caucasus.

Wedding guests will also not be allowed to arrive drunk, couples must stay an arm’s length away from one another while dancing and they must be invited to dance by the master of ceremonies.

The rules even prohibit attendees from shooting any kind of weapon, which, according to the Moscow Times, is a popular tradition at weddings in the Caucasus.

But there may be hope for those who like their Chechen weddings filled with dancing, cake-cutting and gun-shooting; the Times writes that while the wedding hosts are supposed to call the police if the rules are violated, it is unclear what enforcement could be achieved, as many of the rules contradict Russian law.

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