Mankind has been traveling ever since our earliest ancestor wagged its flagellum— or when Adam and Eve got evicted from Eden, your choice. So with all that experience, you’d have thought we had traveling mastered by now.

Modobags in action.
Modobags in action.

A look at Kickstarter, however, shows some aspiring entrepreneurs think otherwise: as of yesterday, the crowdfunding site returned more than 4,000 projects on a search for “travel.”

These five projects offer innovative—or at least quirky—ideas for improving how we traverse the globe (and beyond).


My kids have a carryon suitcase that doubles as a rideable scooter. And, to be honest, I’m jealous. But I’m also lazy. With Modobag though, a motorized suitcase with thumb-action throttle that reaches speeds of up to 8 MPH, I could zip to my gate in style (and maybe even town my kids’ on their suitcase too).

Serenity Aviation Airbike

Road trips are a blast, but for part of seemingly every one, you’re stuck in traffic. Congestion won’t be a problem though if the Serenity Aviation Airbike comes to fruition. Its developer claims it will be “a road legal machine that you keep in your garage at home, drive down the road to a open area that is legal to take off from, fly SAFELY, land safely, convert back to a road vehicle again, and drive home.”

Tarzan Boat can be assembled anywhere.
Tarzan Boat can be assembled anywhere.

Tarzan Boat

For those of us who hate to travel to places without a water slide, there’s the Tarzan Boat—“a mobile floating waterpark.” Sure, Paris is a wonderful city. But wouldn’t it be even better if you plopped your own water park in the Seine?

Kooala travel pillow

The entrepreneur behind the Kooala travel pillow hails from Spain where they don’t have the death penalty—so we’ll forgive him for not realizing that potential U.S. funders may think the promotional photo resembles a condemned man strapped to the gurney.

That being said, most travel pillows are cumbersome to pack and, while better than no pillow, they don’t foster restful sleep. So the Kooala—which “allows the neck muscles to stay relaxed in a neutral position, so avoiding problems arising from bad posture”—could be a welcome addition to the crowded travel pillow marketplace.

On-the-GO Inflatable Potty Seat

Every parent knows that a restroom visit with young kids on the road has the potential to exhaust both your patience and your clothing supply. So behold the On-the-Go Inflatable Potty Seat which purports to “gives comfort and familiarity to the traveling toddler who is intimidated by unfamiliar adult-sized toilet.” One big potential drawback though: where you store the On-the-Go Inflatable Potty Seat after it’s deflated.

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