Following the success of its lengthy real-time broadcast of a ferry journey up Norway's west coast, broadcaster Nor NRK is planning to capture the annual reindeer migration in similar slow-mo fashion.

Sweden's Sami reindeer. Image by m.prinke / CC BY-SA 2.0
Sami reindeer.

Each year, Sami reindeer herders move their herds from the Finnmark plateau to summer pastures near the coast and, if a trial run next year shows that the TV crew can reliably broadcast worldwide from the far north of the country, they will spend seven days filming the migration live in 2017. But Karasjok reindeer herder Nils Mikkel Somby, thinks it might be pushing the limits of slowness, saying, “There’s certain to be a lot of waiting, yes, it can actually be damn boring at times.” Read more:

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