When a plane can no longer take to the sky, Bruce Campbell of Portland, Oregon, thinks they can make a good home on the ground.

Bruce Campbell stands outside his airplane home.
Bruce Campbell stands outside his airplane home.

Bruce Campbell’s airplane abode was featured in a YouTube video by Great Big Story, a video network that tells people’s interesting stories online.

“Jetliners are basically flying homes”, he explains in the video. He notes that while some people might find living in a Boeing 727 odd, for him “it’s always felt completely natural”. The home has a large living room, a shower, functional lavatories and a tool bench where he works.

Campbell sees the logic in living in a plane. “Jetliners retire at the rate of about three per day, for the most part I think we shred them”, he said, adding that then homes are built after a home-size structure was just broken down. If you were an extra-terrestrial looking down on this behaviour, you would wonder whether this species has all its marbles in place or not.”

Campbell chronicles his efforts here.

Watch the video here.

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