If you are tired of taking terrible holiday photos, it can be tempting to simply hang up the camera and admit defeat.

Help is at hand for those horrible holiday snaps.
Help is at hand for those horrible holiday snaps.

Badly composed photos, which always look a pale shadow of what the professionals have taken, can dull even the most vivid of holiday memories.

Help is available however, with a range of mobile options to help turn the most disastrous snapper into at least a competent photographer.

One app Picfari offers guided tours on where to take the best photos, so that visitors can scout out locations in advance.

Search for the Eiffel Tower as an example, and it throws up a range of options on how to take interesting photographs and find quirky perspectives of Paris’ most famous landmark.

If you see a photo you like, it pinpoints exactly where the shot was taken, be it under the tower, from a distant street, or on one of the tower’s viewing platforms – and offers details on what equipment was used.

The site also offer options for visitors depending on if they are in a hurry or have time to spare.

A one-stop photo called a ‘hero’ is listed for those rushing to get a single perfect shot while longer ‘quests’ are also featured, which might take two or three hours but would promise a virtual roll full of quality pictures.

When the photos are finally taken, there are a dizzying array of options available to make those pictures even better.

Instagram, the picture sharing service, offers a range of filters but more advanced tools are also an option. Apps like PhotoToaster, VSCO Cam and Polarr can be used to help salvage the worst of photos.

Flipagram lets you turn your holiday photos – and videos – into an epic story by building a slideshow of your favourite memories, set to music. And if you’re happy with the result, it can be uploaded for all the world to see.

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