Just in time for holiday travel, Vox has published a map of the United States’ 4150 traffic cameras.

Vox has produced a map of every traffic camera in the USA.
Vox has produced a map of every traffic camera in the USA.

The map is the work of Jonathan Melby and Angela Buffington who Vox wrote, “since 2006, maintained a massive database recording where thousands of red light and speed cameras are located throughout North America. This database now has 3699 red light cameras and 1413 speed cameras — although that could change as the list is updated each week.”

According to their database, the U.S. cities with the most traffic cameras are Washington, DC (with 703); New York City (564); Chicago (511); and Dallas/Ft. Worth (248). Anecdotally, this Washington, DC-based writer can confirm that the area has plenty of them and would like to thank the authors of Vox’s article for reminding him to pay his ticket.

The Washington Monument.
The Washington Monument in Washington DC which has 703 traffic cameras, the highest in the USA.

Reviewing Vox’s interactive webpage while driving, of course, is not practical, dangerous, and in many areas probably violates hands-free driving laws. So best to use it in your trips planning stages.

For on-the-go warnings about traffic cameras in the United States as well as 38 other countries, download the mobile GPS app Waze (its iOS version was just updated Monday with a crisper new interface; an Android refresh is due soon). Using information from other drivers, it can alert you to traffic cameras as well as police by the side of the road.

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