Detroit begins the court battle over it's uncertain future. Image by Bernt Rostad / CC BY 2.0
Relief in Detroit as 'grand bargain' approved. Image by Bernt Rostad / CC BY 2.0

There were celebrations in the city of Detroit on Friday as an announcement was made which will shape the future of the troubled city. After a number of weeks of court hearings, federal judge Steven Rhodes approved the ‘grand bargain’ plan that will help rid the city of its $7 billion of debt and provide funds to invest in services. The approval also means valuable artworks held in the Detroit Institute of Arts will not have to be auctioned off to pay the city’s debt. Around $1.7 billion has now been set aside to be invested in neglected services such as ambulances and fire trucks. In July 2013 Detroit became the largest city in the US to file for Chapter 9 bankruptcy. As Rhodes approved the plan he added,“What happened in Detroit must never happen again.” Read more:

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