A new bus tour in Dublin will take travellers through time to when the fight for Irish independence began.

Dublin Bus Tours has launched a new 1916 tour of the city.
Dublin Bus Tours has launched a new 1916 tour of the city.

The 1916 Tour- Beyond Barricades is the latest Dublin Bus Tour that includes a “specially designed bus with performances by award-winning theatre company ANU Productions.” This year, Ireland is marking the centenary of the 1916 Easter Rising, which laid the groundwork for Irish independence.

The tour takes travellers back to Easter 1916, when “Dublin is in flames and revolution is spilling onto the streets. From the moment guests arrive at the first stop they are thrown into the midst of Easter 1916, as prominent Irish republican Helena Molony, who fought front and centre during the rebellion, guides them onto the bus in the midst of the sound of gunfire and commotion”, according to a news release.

Travellers then go through a 90-minute interactive tour of some of the most prominent scenes of Easter Monday 1916 and its direct aftermath, including City Hall, Dublin Castle, St. Stephen’s Green, Four Courts, North King Street and the GPO.

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