When it comes to road trips, cries of “Are we there yet?” soon may go the way of members of your covered-wagon party catching dysentery.

Are we there yet?
Are we there yet?

The rear-seat entertainment system in Chrysler’s new 2017 Pacifica minivan includes the Are We There Yet app, according to Jalopnik. Similar to the map on the seatback entertainment system on a long-haul flight, the app counts down both the miles and time until you reach your destination.

Beware though: rather than showing your minivan’s progress on a real map, Chrysler shows it traveling down the store-lined street of a cute little town.  So “Are we there yet?” may just be replaced with “Let’s stop at the cupcake shop!”

Looking to cull the ETA requests from the rear seat but without shelling out for a new minivan? Apple offers more than 15 iOS apps with “Are we there yet?” in their name. Upgrade your iPhone or iPad, download this app on your old one, and give it to your kid.

Or you could buy a regular GPS and strap it on to the seatback.

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