If you’re looking to get outside more but aren’t entirely sure how to get started, set your Saturday aside to take part in National Trails Day celebrations around the USA.

Hikers stand on a rock in Oregon.
Two people standing on a lookout point over a lake with two snowy mountains in the distance.

The day is designed to get both avid outdoorspeople and novices outside. With events happening around the country on Saturday 3 June, even hiking, biking, horseback riding and paddling newbies can get outside with other nature lovers. To mark the occasion, the American Hiking Association is encouraging people to take part in activities in urban parks, remote areas and anywhere else they can – and even pitch in and help with some trail maintenance to help keep up the country’s natural assets for future generations.

Hiking though the Redwood Forest along California's Lost Coast.
Hiking though the Redwood Forest along California's Lost Coast.

There are thousands of clubs, parks and groups holding events around the country, most of which will be free. This includes hiking, birding, paddling trips, children’s activities and photography clinics. To find an event near you, search on the National Trails Day website.

If you’d like to spend the day giving back, nearly one quarter of all the events around the country are dedicated to trail maintenance. To find out where you can help, search the official website.

Horseback Riding in Zion National Park.
Take to the trails to mark National Trail Day on Saturday, 3 June.

Travellers can also find out more about local events by researching their nearest state and national parks. It’s also the perfect time to get started on a new outdoor hobby, as 2018 will mark the 50th anniversary of the National Trails System, and the National Parks Service will be celebrating the nearly 60,000 miles of trail throughout the US. Currently, there are 11 national scenic trails, 19 national historic trails and more than 1200 national recreation trails found through the country, which provide links between historic sites, national parks, wildlife refuges and more.

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