Google has begun rolling out a major upgrade of its travel itinerary organiser for the 900 million people that use its Gmail service.

Google offers travel organiser to Gmail users.
Google offers travel organiser to Gmail users.

Apps like TripIt and WorldMate that organise all holiday or work trip plans into a single place have been proving popular for download over recent years.

However, people who would prefer an even simpler way of organising their travel arrangements may want to experiment with Gmail’s “Trip Bundles” feature.

The feature brings all emails about particular trips into a single folder, categorised according to the different destinations you plan to visit.

Airline bookings, hotels, restaurant bookings or tickets for events should all – once they arrive in your inbox – automatically pop into the correct bundle.

So, if say you had a work trip planned to the United States and a holiday to Australia, Gmail would create two separate bundles for each journey.

The “bundles” would continually move to the top of your inbox as new emails relating to the trip rolled in, ending the need for extensive searching and that endless fear of deleting an important message.

Most usefully, the “bundles” can be saved for offline use for those occasions when you are looking for a booking reference but cannot get online access.

Other extremely handy features have been built in including automatic updating of flight status, to reflect gate changes, or updated departure and arrival times.

If Gmail happens to miss a particular email associated with your trip for some reason, it can be added manually just in case.

As part of the new upgrade launched over the past week, details of the trip can also be quickly shared with family or friends.

Users can also build a library of their past trips, adding pictures or videos to them, which can be perused later to cheer up an otherwise dreary day.

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