A secret supper club has launched in New York City that brings the atmosphere and style of a low-key Parisian speakeasy to the Flatiron District.


Located at 59 West 21st Street, Doux Supperclub offers a range of craft cocktails and bespoke desserts, along with a selection of themed performances and dinner options. It features two separate spaces, with a Parisian-style café that offers pastries and coffee at the front, while a 2000-square foot lounge opens at the back in the evenings for events. Doux Supperclub also hosts a range of themed evenings, such as Wednesday Cocktail and Chocolates, which includes jazz performances and burlesque dancing, the Friday Nights Sweet Dinner Party tailored for bookings of four and over, and Sunday Brunch.


“The Doux Supperclub concept is one that hasn’t been implemented before. We took this idea of combining delectable desserts with dark and seductive performances and expanded it to create an entertaining and indulgent atmosphere that shares the same creed,” said Eric Biberman, brand creator and operator.


The daily menu features classic French dishes such as the croque-monsieur, as well as charcuterie boards, while the evening menu includes tuna avocado tartare, garden vegetable quiche, crepes with red caviar and chocolate fondant. Vintage birdcages, candles and old books are strategically placed around the interior to create a fitting, moody atmosphere. With banquet seating for 80, the room also features a fully stocked bar, a bronze and lace embossed DJ booth and a small seating vignette with a faux fireplace.


While the bar is open now, this month will see a brand new collection of themed dining experiences being announced. This year has proven that themed bars are seemingly as popular as ever, with a prison bar that is modelled on Alcatraz and a secret speakeasy that looks like a laundromat recently making headlines.

More information on booking with Doux Supperclub is available at the official website.

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