Next month will see London locals and tourists alike being able to tuck into a delectable range of sweet summer surprises, as the first ever edible cookie dough café is due to open in the city.

sprinkles and marshmallows on top of cookie dough made by naked dough, London's first cookie dough pop-up
The "Unicorn Food" cookie dough.

Launching as a pop shop up on June 6 in Old Street Underground Station in Islington, Naked Dough will offer gourmet safe-to-eat raw cookie dough served in a variety of ways, including straight from the tub, on top of cones or packaged to take home for later consumption.

Nutella flavoured cookie dough from Naked Dough.
Nutella flavoured cookie dough from Naked Dough.

Is cookie dough edible?

While many types of raw cookie dough may not be 100% safe to eat uncooked, Naked Dough can be eaten as is, and can even be blitzed to make milkshakes. It contains no eggs and the flour used has been heat-treated, ensuring that it is safe. Flavours include, “Unicorn Food”, featuring marshmallows and sprinkles, “Nutting Better”, which has peanut butter and crunched peanuts in it and the “Ed Sheeran”, which includes salted caramel and honeycomb.

Jen and Hannah the founders of English company naked dough
Jen and Hannah set up Naked Dough after noticing the success of a New York cookie dough shop.

Set up by business partners Jen and Hannah, the former a trained pastry chef who has worked in a Michelin-starred restaurant in France and the latter a marketing and partnership manager for an online lifestyle magazine, the duo decided to combine their talents to launch the brand after noticing the cookie dough craze that has hit New York in recent times.

A trio of cookie dough flavours from naked dough in lodon
The shop will be open for three weeks at Islington in London.

“Cookie dough is a such a nostalgic, indulgent food and because it's quite a new concept here, we realised we could be creative with the brand and have fun developing the product. There will always be a new food trend and I think it's always a good thing to try something different or be creative in what you are offering. The thing to consider is, does it have longevity or is it just a fad? Hannah and I want to open a permanent café so we can develop our range of cookie dough flavours and options. We think it has great potential to be as popular as ice cream! We wouldn't have started Naked Dough if we didn't have a long game plan,” Jen told Lonely Planet Travel News.

Naked Dough will be open for three weeks, starting on 6 June. More information on visiting the shop is available at their website.

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