While not quite a fleet of X-wing Starfighters, Japan’s All Nippon Airways recently debuted the first two of its four planned Star Wars-themed airplanes.

All Nippon Airways Star Wars display at Brussels Airport.
All Nippon Airways Star Wars display at Brussels Airport.

A Boeing 787 Dreamliner with an R2-D2 paintjob made its first international flight on 12 November when it flew from Tokyo to Singapore's Changi Airport. The plane’s inaugural fight was in September.

Another Star Wars-themed plane, with R2-D2 in profile on one side and BB-8 on the other, made its inaugural flight yesterday, between Osaka and Tokyo’s Haneda Airport.

As for the R2-D2 plane, the exterior is painted to resemble the beeping robot, with his head at the cockpit and body running down the plane. The squat R2-D2’s body ends near the plane’s wing; the extra space on the 787 Dreamliner is adorned with the Star Wars logo.

The interior continues with the Star Wars theme: R2-D2 headrest covers and color schemes, flight attendants using light sabers (hopefully in compliance with FAA regulations), and Star Wars-themed headsets, according to Mashable.

This spring All Nippon Airways plans to debut its BB-8-themed jet, inspired by a droid that’ll make its first appearance in the newest Star Wars episode, “The Force Awakens.”

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