Some major airlines are warning travellers to be cautious about online scams, as fake ads purporting to be from the airlines have appeared online offering free flights.


Air New Zealand is one of the companies warning passengers about a fake ad that says travellers can receive two free Air New Zealand tickets for the company’s 51st anniversary.

The airline posted on its Facebook page to say that it is aware of the scam and is working with Facebook to have it removed, adding: “The message in question offers prizes for future travel in the hope of gaining personal details. The post is not from us and we advise anyone who receives it to not click on any links or provide any personal details”. They are also asking users to help out by reported suspicious links to Facebook.

Please be aware of an online scam offering free Ryanair tickets. This is not an official promotion.

— Ryanair (@Ryanair) August 29, 2016

The scam ads purporting to be Ryanair also say that people can receive two free Ryanair tickets for its 35th anniversary. The Irish Independent reports that the scam asks users to participate in a short survey to enter a draw. The site analyses their results and then asks users to share the page with 15 of their Facebook friends. reports that the Air New Zealand scam also redirects users to a fake website that asks for personal details. A similar scam from a site purporting to be British Airways made the rounds back in early August.

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