A new level of insurance will help protect Airbnb hosts in 16 more countries, adding more assurances for people who rent out their homes on the short-term rental site.

Airbnb is introducing added insurance for hosts in 16 countries.
Airbnb is introducing added insurance for hosts in 16 countries.

The policy goes beyond the original “host guarantee” the company provided. The guarantee provides up to $1 million to eligible properties in instances where there are damages that cannot be resolved with guests.

The insurance program will provide coverage if a guest is injured at a rental and brings a claim against a host, according to CTV News. The coverage doesn’t cost the host anything and covers up to $1 million.

The coverage will be introduced in Canada, where one nightmare rental in Calgary made headlines after hosts were left with more than $75,000 in damage after what was widely described as a drug-induced orgy held in their home, according to media reports. The waste leaving the home had to been treated for biohazardous materials and everything soft in the home had to be thrown away due to the unknown substances found on all surfaces. Airbnb said it would pay for the damage at that time.

The insurance has been in place in the US since January, and has been expanded to cover Australia, the UK, China, Canada, Spain, France, Singapore, Germany, Portugal, India, New Zealand, Ireland, Italy, Japan and the Netherlands.

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