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Athens just got its first foodie hotel and everyone is talking about it

A magnificent building in the heart of Athens has been transformed by two young Greek entrepreneurs into a modern temple of fine gastronomy and superior hospitality.

Foodies in Athens are flocking here. Image by Vangelis Koronakis

Food and accommodation are travellers’ basic needs but also two elements that can make or break a journey. In Athens, they are now combined, in their finest form, under the roof of Ergon House, a brand-new boutique hotel designed for visitors with a passion for exploring new culinary experiences. Brothers Thomas and Giorgos Douzis have distilled their long experience in the sector of modern Greek delis into a project that has been the talk of the town since it opened its doors a few days ago.

Groceries are available on the ground floor. Image by Vangelis Koronakis

The ground floor is occupied by the Agora, a literal interpretation of the ancient Greek concept of a public assembly and market space. And it comes complete with greengrocer, fishmonger and butcher stalls, a bakery, counters stocked with cured meats and cheeses as well as shelves packed with top-quality Greek products sourced from small-scale producers around the country.

The reception area. Image by Ergon House

Hotel guests, after a proper round of shopping, can take their fresh produce to the common kitchens upstairs and prepare meals that they can savour in the hotel’s dining room. In-house chefs offer advice and cooking classes.

Every detail of the ambitious project has been taken care of by talented individuals and leading professionals in their fields. Architects, hospitality specialists, consultant gardeners, coffee connoisseurs, top chefs and bar experts make up the team behind Ergon House. Even the murals have been created by famous designers and street artists, and the staff’s uniforms are produced by a Greek fashion house.

One of the rooms at Ergon House. Image by Ergon House

The 40 rooms of various sizes (doubles from €145 (US$165), family rooms also available) provide equally outstanding accommodation, but don’t worry if it is fully booked – you can always enjoy delicious snacks, energising drinks or inspiring food shopping by joining the city dwellers who have made Ergon House an instant favourite Athenian hangout.

Words: Vangelis Koronakis