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Art, culture and sustainability will come together at Tulum’s sensational Art With Me festival

Tulum has already taken off as one of the trendiest destinations in North America, but now, the town will draw in more guests to a festival combining art, music, culture and sustainability.

Watch music on the beach at Art With Me. Image by Phoebe Montague Photography

Art With Me *GNP Tulum debuted last year and returns in 2019 from 24 to 28 April. The festival has released the first phase of its line-up, revealing that there will be music from Bedouin, Jan Blomqvist & The Band, And Monolink, as well as exhibits on artists like Keith Haring and more. But the festival will also focus on more than just music and art, there is programming on topics including sustainability, wellness, food and family, and the role of each in inspiring change.

The festival features large-scale art installations. Image by George Evan Photo

As Tulum grows rapidly, this year’s theme will be “change starts with me,” with the festival “bringing awareness and solutions to the infrastructure and environmental challenges that Tulum faces with the mission of building a sustainable future.”

Wander through art at this Tulum festival. Image by Nicholas K Hess Photography

With large scale installations, festival-goers will be able to wander through larger-than-life art while also stopping by a diverse range of exhibits that will include works from the legendary New York City street culture artist Keith Haring and many more.

Relax in Tulum at this festival. Image by Phoebe Montague Photography

The music will feature artists like the vocalist, filmmaker, and humanitarian Michael Franti, the Brooklyn house duo Bedouin, a live band performance from techno artist Jan Blomqvist, and more. For those interested in wellness programs, there will be ecstatic dance, yoga, traditional Mayan sweat lodge, plant medicine healing, and more.  Since the focus is also on environmental stewardship, one feature of the festival is Care With Me, which will include talks, workshops, indigenous ceremonies, recycled artwork and interactive experiences to encourage sustainable practices while in Tulum and back home.

Enjoy art on the Tulum coast. Image by Phoebe Montague Photography

“My hope is that the festival will become a reference point for tourism and lifestyle travel in Tulum where people don’t just travel to Tulum for vacation, but also play an active role in protecting it now and for future generations,” said Art With Me *GNP founder David Graziano, in a statement. Find out more information on the website and purchase tickets to attend the festival here.