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Copenhagen Light Festival illuminates February nights

Colourful illuminations will light up Copenhagen‘s chilly winter nights this February during the second annual Copenhagen Light Festival. Running from 1-24 February 2019 the Light Festival will feature 40 light installations and art pieces from a range of Danish and international artists. The works can be found all over Copenhagen and are free to visit and enjoy.

Eternal Sundown by Mads Vegas. Photo by: Mathias Peter Christian v Kongshaug Productions

The Festival opens on the evening of  1 February with special events including Together We Light Up the Dark, where the public is invited to bring a light source and create a line of light along the harbour. A Ghost Ship will sail the dark waters, and the 17th-century Old Stock Exchange Børsen, which is currently home to the Danish Chamber of Commerce and is normally closed to visitors, will be open for viewing.

Green Laser by Martin Ersted. Photo by Mathias Peter Christian v Kongshaug Productions

Throughout the festival, buildings, squares, bridges, canals and other spaces will illuminate the city. Christiansborg Tower will be bathed in ethereal luminescence, filtered street lamps will cast their colourful glow into the chilly harbour waters, and a kilometre-long green laser beam will pierce the night sky from the Nikolaj Kunsthal tower to Tivoli Gardens. Tivoli itself will also take part in the festival, radiating with thousands of twinkling lights and featuring installations and a light show at Tivoli Lake.

Lysmagi (Light Magic) Photo courtesy of Tivoli

According to festival organisers, ”the themes that you expect from Danish art and design are embedded in the events and artworks of the festival: minimalistic beauty, genuine high quality, design and art that shape light itself to human needs, sustainability, and enchanting interaction with architecture and spaces.”

Illuminations are to be lit from 6pm to 10pm, though selected works will continue until later. Popular canal tour company Stromma will be featuring special 45-minute boat tours of the illuminations every evening throughout the festival. The tours are in Danish and English at a cost of 125 DKK per person.

By Caroline Hadamitzky