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Rent a Norwegian island with amazing views of the Northern Lights

If privacy and stunning scenery are high on your list of travel priorities for 2019, the tiny island of Fleinvær in northern Norway might fit the bill. It is the ideal place to see the Northern Lights, while admiring the view of the Lofoten islands to the right of the island.

You can see the Northern Lights from the tiny island of Fleinvær in Norway. Image: Martin Losvik

‘Fordypningsrommet Fleinvær,’ or the Artic Hideaway, is run by jazz musician and composer, Håvard Lund, who acquired the site in 2004 and co-owns it with several others. He intended it to be a workplace and writing lodge for himself, but then felt compelled to share it with others. There are several small dwellings on the island, which comfortably sleeps ten and is best suited to groups, but is able to accommodate up to 15 people.

Fleinvær is run by jazz musician Håvard Lund, who acquired the site in 2004. Image: Martin Losvik

“All the houses are really tiny,” Håvard tells Lonely Planet, explaining that each one has a different purpose – sleeping, cooking, relaxing, etc. “The functions of one normal house have been divided into ten houses, and we have named the hideaway a “mono-functional series of houses.”

There are several small dwellings on the island, which comfortably sleeps ten people. Image: Pasi Aalto

Five houses are for sleeping, one is a bath house, another is for cooking and eating, and one is a chill-out zone/open studio house, from which to admire the island’s rugged beauty. Then there’s a dwelling that’s a sauna and changing room, and the last one is meant for outdoor cooking.

There are no shops or cars on the island. Image: Pasi Aalto

Visitors arrive to the island after an hour-long boat ride from downtown Bodø, and it’s possible to dock a fishing boat at the pier. Every year, the island hosts several week-long “artist-in-residence” programmes in collaboration with the Nordland county council’s culture department.

Guests can chill out in the sauna. Image: Pasi Aalto

The island’s “Tower House” is the perfect place to study the scenery and watch the Northern Lights. Basic necessities like food are organised with the hosts before arrival because there are no cars or shops on the island. According to Håvard, that is one of the principal attractions. “There is no human-made noise and no choices to make,” he says.

The view from the island is stunning and unspoilt. Image: Pierrre Wikberg

The island is available all-year round, but it is vital to bring appropriate wool clothing and clothing suitable for rain and wind if you are planning to stay there during the winter. This is particularly important as you will have to change house to go to the bathroom during the night.

There are amazing views from Fordypningsrommet Fleinvær. Image: Pasi Aalto

For further information on Fordypningsrommet Fleinvær, please see here.