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A Vietnam resort pays tribute to traditional hats with these incredible roofs

A resort has created unique structures that echo the heritage of Vietnam with a roof design that looks like traditional dress.

The striking pool bar lit up at night. Photo by Bambubuild

The bar and restaurant with the roofs are part of the Serena Resort in the rural district of Kim Bôi, just two hours drive from Hanoi. The unusual roof shape mimics the shape of the traditional conical hat that is still used by many people to protect themselves from the sun and rain.

Inside the resort’s restaurant. Photo by BambuBuild

One of the structures can be found covering the hotel’s pool bar, where guests can swim over to be served drinks while remaining in the water. The other lies above a restaurant, an existing structure which architecture company BambuBuild amended to build the roof using bamboo frame.

The design of the resort is meant to echo the layout of a traditional Vietnamese village. The rest of the resort makes an effort to use as many natural materials as possible to fit in well with the beautiful surroundings of rice fields, mountains and streams.

The roofs of Serena Resort. Photo by BambuBuild

The choice of bamboo is no accident, of course. As well as being a natural material to work with, it’s fast-growing, water-resistant and is considered sustainable to the environment. Its shape means it can be difficult to work with yet it’s close association with Asia means more and more architectural firms and artists are choosing to use it for landmark projects.

Serena Resort could also be expecting many more visitors in the future; earlier this week the UN revealed that Vietnam is the third fastest-growing tourist destination in the world with a 29.1% increase in visitors last year.