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Hang out with rescue pets at this stunning eco bamboo house in Bali

A gorgeous bamboo house located beside a Balinese rice field has an extra-special attraction – you can hang out with rescue pets while staying there. Called Hideout Beehive, it’s an unique eco home hidden in the mountains of the Gunung Agung volcano, situated at the riverside among rice fields.

The eco house has two storeys and its own private pool. Image: Hideout Beehive

There are rescue cats and dogs roaming around the land, and a small, super-friendly dog called Tracy will visit the house frequently. She may even sleep there as she loves meeting new guests. Staying at Beehive is an adventurous experience, rustic and authentic and right in the middle of Balinese village life. From time to time, villagers need to use the river for bathing, washing clothes and performing ceremonies.

You can hang out with rescue pets at a stunning eco bamboo house located beside a Balinese rice field. Image: Hideout Beehive

Beehive is a set in its own garden with a small private pool and a direct view of the river. It has two storeys, and on the ground floor, there is a kitchen, living area, and bathroom with an outside shower. The bedroom is set on the first floor and it has a round bed, and there is also an extra room with another bed beside the house.

The bedroom has a round bed on the second floor. Image: Hideout Beehive

You can’t lock the bamboo house, but you can lock the outside gate to your garden. Because it’s located so close to nature, you can expect to encounter insects, frogs and mice, so it suits those who have no problem with proximity to living creatures.

You can hang out with rescue pets at this Airbnb. Image: Hideout Beehive

You can expect to live off-the-grid staying at Hideout Beehive as the Internet is very poor there. Its owners say it’s the perfect spot for lovers of animals and nature, spiritual-minded people, trekking-lovers, backpackers, artists, musicians and eco-enthusiasts. There is a scooter with two helmets available free during your stay.

The eco-house is situated beside a river and rice fields. Image: Hideout Beehive

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