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Here's where US house-swappers want to go in 2019

We all have places on our bucket list that we’d love to visit, but if you’ve ever wondered where other people dream of travelling to in 2019 and what is actually stopping them from doing it, a house-swap website has compiled a report.

Japan tops the list of places house-swappers want to visit. Image: ©TTstudio/Alamy Stock

Love Home Swap’s list of the hottest international travel destinations is based on where 1000 US consumers searched for in 2018. Japan comes in at number one with 55% of those surveyed having the country on their wish list. With a truly unique culture and rich in history, it has a lot to offer all kinds of travellers from a variety of ages, ranging from the ancient temples of Kyoto to the bustling centre of Tokyo. The other top destinations were found to be 2. Finland 3. Thailand 4. Portugal 5. Argentina 6. Singapore 7. Croatia and 8. Slovenia.

Thailand is one of the destinations that topped the poll for house-swappers. Image: Love Home Swap

According to the survey, 77% of Americans have a travel bucket list, but only 3% have visited all the destinations on their list. “The three main reasons were the cost of visiting their dream destinations being too high (85%), that consumers ‘dream big’, but tend not to follow through with travel plans (21%), and that consumers have no one to travel with and don’t want to travel alone (19%),” Ellena Morgan of Love Home Swap tells Lonely Planet. “Home-swapping can be a great way to save thousands on travel costs and can provide a unique and more personal travel experience.”

Finland came second on the list of countries US house-swappers want to visit in 2019. Image: ©Nikiforov Alexander / Shutterstock

You can check out the full Love Home Swap survey here.