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Spend 24 hours watching a hypnotic video installation at London's Tate Modern

An incredible art installation that is coming to London will keep the Tate Modern open for 24 hours at a time – perfect for art-lovers who enjoy a gallery so much they never want to leave.

The Clock by Christian Marclay. Image by Tate Modern

The Clock, a 24-hour video installation by Christian Marclay, will be shown at the gallery this fall. The captivating film is made up of a montage of thousands of film and television clips that show clocks – on watches, walls and more – or reference the time in the dialogue. The result is a full day of video that keeps audience watching the clock in real-time. The film is synchronised to the local hour wherever it’s on display, so at every moment the film is referencing the actual time outside the gallery, making it “a gripping journey through cinematic history as well as a functioning timepiece”.

Tate Modern. Image by Nicolas Economou/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Image

The film uses clips from a period of more than 100 years, including well-known and obscure films, and using thrillers, westerns, science fiction and popular films. That means, visitors can spend their time trying to recognize the many films and celebrities that crop up through the hours – perfect for movie buffs – or they can just lose themselves in an incredibly satisfying way to pass the time.

Scene from The Clock. Image by Tate Modern

Visitors at the Tate Modern can watch the work for free during the gallery’s regular opening hours from 14 September, 2018 to 20 January 2019. But, there is also the unique chance to view the film when the gallery stays open all night.

Naturally, a 24-hour marathon of the film is difficult to accomplish, but, if you want to immerse yourself in as much of the film as possible – or just see what happens after midnight – there are a number of 24-hour showings. They will be held on Saturdays, on 6 October, 3 November and 1 December.