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The US has been named the best country to visit for wildlife travel

According to the newly-released Global Wildlife Travel Index, the US comes top of the list of the best countries in the world for wildlife travel. True Luxury Travel analysed various factors to determine the best countries for wildlife travel, including wildlife biodiversity, conservation efforts and the prevalence of national parks and protected natural areas.

Alligator’s head emerging from reeds in the swamp of a Louisiana bayou. Image by ©laverrue was here/Getty Images

It says that wildlife travel is an increasingly popular choice for tourists, and when it comes to planning a wildlife travel experience, there are so many amazing destinations to choose from that it can be difficult to know where to start. To help narrow it down, it ranked every country based on its wildlife travel offering, analysing a variety of factors including wildlife biodiversity, conservation efforts and prevalence of national parks. The results indicated that the US placed in the top spot, followed by 2. Venezuela 3. Brazil 4. Thailand 5. Tanzania 6. Colombia 7. Croatia 8. Mexico 9. Australia and 10. Canada.

Red Macaws in Venezuela. Image by Alf/Getty Images

The US came top thanks to its grand total of 60 national parks and 757 natural history museums, as well as its excellent conservation efforts and vast diversity of wildlife species. It also scored highly because of its impressive megafauna conservation efforts, for which it has been ranked one of the best in the world according to the Megafauna Conservation Index. Venezuela, coming in second place, has the greatest proportion of natural protected areas in the world, accounting for 54.14% of its total land.

Elephants in Shire river, Liwonde National park, Malawi.
A new index has examined the the best countries to visit for wildlife travel. Image by Christophe Cerisier/Getty Images

The full results and findings of the Global Wildlife Travel Index can be found here.