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Why companies are campaigning to make solo travel cheaper

Lonely Planet is one of the companies taking part in the #SoloSeptember travel industry campaign to reduce costs for solo travellers. Global travel-deals publisher, Travelzoo, has launched the campaign, which aims to reduce the single person premiums and high costs that affect the growing number of people travelling alone.

#SoloSeptember is a travel industry campaign to reduce costs for solo travellers. Image: Jordan Siemens

The #SoloSeptember initiative follows research conducted on 1200 people from the UK, which revealed that many travellers feel penalised by such charges when travelling solo. It aims to help make solo travel more accessible by offering a month of solo holidays and products without single-person supplements and fees. Lonely Planet is also participating, offering 10% off The Solo Travel Handbook.

There is 10% off The Solo Travel Handbook during #SoloSeptember. Image: Lonely Planet

The Travelzoo survey reveals that over three-quarters of British people have either travelled solo or are considering doing so in the future, while 60% of those travelling alone were either in a relationship or married, proving that solo travel is no longer a minority activity. Despite this growth, over a third of those surveyed said that the worst part of travelling by themselves is having to pay single-person supplements.

The #SoloSeptember campaign aims to reduce costs for solo travellers. Image: Valentinrussanov

“The traditional view of a solo traveller as a twenty-something backpacker hopping from hostel to hostel is no longer true,” says Joel Brandon-Bravo, general manager of Travelzoo. “The modern solo traveller is older, wealthier and may be travelling by themselves simply because they and their partner have different interests in a trip abroad. We’ve had a great reaction to this initiative, with many top brands supporting us as we look to make #SoloSeptember the best month ever to book a solo holiday.”

#SoloSeptember is a travel industry campaign to reduce costs for solo travellers. Image by Ross Woodhall/Getty Images

Travelzoo has launched a #SoloSeptember hub, showcasing deals and offers for single travellers throughout September. Check it out here.