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This cat tent will let you share the joy of camping with your feline friend

With recent research revealing that people from the US and Canada have fallen in love with camping, it’s no surprise that many people are looking to share the love with all the family, even the feline members. Now one Australian company has become the first dedicated company to design and manufacture cat tents.

Your cat may like it so much they don’t want to come out again. Photo by Cat Camp

Cat Camp is modelled on a proper full-size tent that is shrunk down for 21.5” x 21.5” to accommodate any size feline. It uses the same materials as other high quality tents (with plenty of ventilation) but the inside is layered in thick, fluffy material, keeping it cosy and dark.

The team behind it says the end result has given a paws up by “an expert team of stray and domesticated cats” who tested 20 different models before a clear favourite was found. It’s no surprise that cats adore dark, private spaces so this little home is bound to be appealing to almost any kitty.

The predator looks out from his den towrards his prey. Photo by Cat Camp

It’s unlikely that your feline will actually want to go camping, instead preferring the tent as a quirky-looking cat bed. If you’ve put in the training and are determined to give it a shot though, it does come with a cover designed for heavy weather.

The Cat Camp is available in a variety of colours and is available to purchase online now to ship worldwide.They’re priced at US$59.95 (£46.52) and money from every sale will go to to charities that help cats in need. So far, the creators told Lonely Planet that the reaction from the internet has been incredible with some great reviews so far.

If this adorable cat-sized tent does make you want to turn your cat into a little traveller, there may be hope yet. Earlier in the year, we spoke to one cat owner who shared some tips about how to get your cat to travel with you.