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Learn to survive in the Arctic wilderness on this new tour

The Arctic parts of our world offer unique, breath-taking scenarios, but they also pose very real challenges to survival. Wilderness skills are a must if you’re planning an adventure in the great North, and now you have the chance to learn them hands-on.

The Northern Lights, also known as aurora borealis. Photo courtesy of Off The Map Travel

A new tour organised by Off The Map Travel will bring you to the Luleå Archipelago of Sweden to learn survival skills while exploring the Arctic wilderness. The tour will be “a taste of life in Swedish Lapland,” the agency said, and will offer guests a chance to “experience the natural wonder of the Northern Lights.”

Berries are a key ingredient of many traditional Arctic dishes. Photo courtesy of Off The Map Travel

Guests will stay in the Brändön Lodge, built with logs and surrounded by trees right on the coast, and will be accompanied by a local guide that will teach them wilderness skills that have been passed down from generation to generation. Building a fire, setting up camp, following animal tracks and foraging for food are all tasks that guests will learn how to do by themselves.

Chanterelle mushrooms are another pretty important ingredient that guests will gather themselves. Photo courtesy of Off The Map Travel

The tour will very much also be a food-to-table experience since guests will prepare a traditional Arctic cuisine with the ingredients they will gather – including berries, a staple of Arctic cuisine, and fish they will catch during one of the many excursions included in the tour’s programme. After that, it will be time to walk out of the Lodge and admire the Northern Lights.

A wilderness chef will supervise the cooking of each meal. Photo courtesy of Off The Map Travel

The tour will be available starting this fall until November 2018 and includes scenic boat tours, sea safaris around the coast of the Archipelago, including spots where seals love to bathe.

Sea safaris are also included in the tour. Photo courtesy of Off The Map Travel

For more information, please visit the tour’s official website here.