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This New York café's adorable coffee art and funky desserts are an Instagram delight

While on holidays, we all love to capture something cool for the ‘Gram, so it’s no surprise that a New York café has become a hit because of its cute coffee art and funky desserts. Sweet Moment NYC is a specialist dessert café located in the heart of Little Italy and Soho, and it is known for its giant Bingsoo desserts made with shaved ice, and colourful hot and cold coffees.

A New York café’s adorable coffee art is an Instagram delight. Image: Sweet Moment NYC

“I come up with the idea for the coffee art when I went to Korea before opening and saw a similar drink,” owner Leah Noh tells Lonely Planet. “I thought this idea would be very interesting to bring to New York, and since then all of our employees, including myself, have worked hard to develop the recipes. It is not so hard to train baristas to make the art because it doesn’t need any special technique, just some practice.”

You can get funky Bingsoo desserts at a New York café. Image: Sweet Moments

The coffee art contains cute little pigs, bears and puppies and the colour comes from them being infused with matcha, chocolate and red velvet. According to Leah, they strive to ensure that their products are visually appetising as well as being rich in flavour, and their café also does a range of in-house made pastries, cookies and sweet and savoury waffles made by the in-house pâtissier.

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The Bingsoos come in many different flavors, including black sesame redbean, mango and cheesecake and choco Oreo. They are made with milky shaved iced and come in a 14oz size or a large 32oz whopper for those who like a sweet challenge.

You can get colourful coffee at a New York Café. Image: Sweet Moments

Leah says that while customers love the adorable coffee art, she is aiming to produce a dairy-free version of the popular drinks in the future.

Check out Sweet Moment NYC’s website here and Instagram page here.