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Costa Rica has its own unicorn paradise inside a cafe in San Jose

Do you have unicorn fever? If so, and you happen to be in San Jose, this place is a must for you.

Unicorn ice cream cone
Unicorn cone, filled with the clients selection of ice cream with toppings and desserts . Photo by: Yalile

50mm GastroPub & Cafe Yoses located in Costa Rica has a selection of unicorn dishes, gifts and desserts, that includes rainbow burgers, unicorn milkshakes, burritos, macaroons and cakes.

The cafe, which is also a restaurant dedicated to photography and art, has created a colorful, cheerful and sweet menu capable of making any day better and has been a big success for locals and tourists. Its owner, Yalile, says at first, people stopped by the restaurant for its unusual photography and art, but rapidly the unicorn menu and the rainbow decorations became more popular.

Selection of desserts
All the desserts that 50 mm gastropub serves in its locations in San José. All of them are made in the restaurant. Photo by: Yalile

Now, people from all over the city visit to enjoy a unicorn hot chocolate or rainbow burrito – a dessert made with three ice cream flavors to choose from like bubble gum, strawberry, vanilla, chocolate, unicorn Napolitano or cotton candy. There’s also the crowd-pleasing unicorn milkshake, made of ice cream, whipped cream, unicorn ears, unicorn hair, marshmallows, sprinkles and sweets.

But if your love for unicorns remains on the less sweet side of the rainbow, you can also sample the rainbow burgers, salads, sandwiches or a colorful brunch.

A unicorn-lover's paradise is now open in Costa Rica
Unicorn ice cream cookie, topped with cereal, sprinkles, cotton candy, gummys and chocolate. Photo by: Yalile

The restaurant has three different locations around San Jose, so chances of you crossing paths with this unicorn paradise are high. And if you do, don’t hesitate to visit this truly unique place – you won’t regret it.

By María Esther Abissi