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Whistler to be home to Canada's first ever pod hotel

Visitors to Canada’s favourite ski resort will have a bold new sleepover to check into when the Pangea Pod Hotel opens its doors in Whistler, British Columbia on 9 August. Reportedly the country’s first-ever pod-style boutique property, it aims to fuse the features of a cool hostel with some of the elevated comforts of a designer hotel.

Inside one of the Pangea’s suites. Image by Pangea Pod Hotel

Targeted at visitors craving a comfy crash pad without the pricey room rates of other Whistler properties, guests will sleep in one of 88 compact pod units divided into eight suites. With between six and 18 pods in each, the suites – including at least one reserved for women only – each have their own cleverly-designed shared bathrooms.

Inside one of the pods at the Pangea Pod Hotel. Image by Pangea Pod Hotel

But it’s the pods that most potential guests will be interested in. Measuring up to 42 square-feet and stacked in double layers, each has a light-blocking curtain “door” opening onto a cozy, wood-lined sleeping nook. Centered on a double-bed mattress, each windowless pod has small shelves, a lockable cabinet, clothes hangers and a wall-mounted mirror, plus charging points and USB connections.

Communal bathroom facilities inside one of the suites.

Echoing the sociable side of hostels, the Pangea – located in the heart of Whistler, just steps from ski lifts, bars and restaurants – also has it’s own communal hangout spaces. The Living Room will offer craft beers, well-priced food and loaner board games, while the smaller Rooftop Patio adds lofty views of the mountain-framed village. There’s also a secure storage room for skis and snowboards, which converts into a bike locker in summer.

Price-wise, the Pangea is pitching itself between Whistler’s hostels and three star hotels. Overnight rates are from CAD$59 (US$45) to $179 (US$136) per person, depending on the season. And while the cocoon-like pods are best utilized for solo occupancy, couples will also be allowed to stay in them, with a small discount offered for the second person.

The Living Room, one of the gathering places inside the Pangea. Image by Pangea Pod Hotel

Brainchild of husband-and-wife Russell and Jelena Kling, the Pangea – named after the ancient supercontinent that once linked every landmass on Earth – is aiming to carve its own sleepover niche in the outdoorsy resort. “We’re appealing to visitors who’ve graduated from hostels but don’t want to pay for expensive hotels. Pangea is for people who have money to spend but not to waste,” Russell told Lonely Planet News.

Words: John Lee