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Welcome to the Delphi Lux – Berlin’s picture perfect cinema

The Delphi Lux cinema, owned by Yorck Kinogruppe and just west of Berlin’s Tiergarten, is so stunning, you might find yourself staring at your surroundings more than what’s on screen. The exquisitely-designed premises boasts seven screens, 600 seats, a roomy lobby, and two bars.

Berlin's new Delphi Lux cinema
The foyer of Berlin’s new Delphi Lux cinema. Image by: Yorck Kinogruppe/Daniel Horne

The picture house was conceptualised to be a cultural landmark from the beginning. Each screening room’s design is strikingly diverse, with subtle design features and a linear theme creating flow between the spaces. Catching a film here is almost a two-for-one deal as it can feel like you’re visiting an art gallery more than a cinema.

Delphi Luxe's screening rooms are more like art galleries than cinemas
One of Delphi Lux’s seven screening rooms. Image by: Yorck Kinogruppe/Daniel Horn

The minimalist, effortlessly cool result was achieved through the collaboration of Berlin-based designers, Batek Architekten and Ester Bruzkus Architekten. The spaces are lit by strips of LED lights which are littered through the cinema, lining the walls, ceilings and lighting up the screen numbers. The designers have really gone to town on the colour palette as well. One of the lobby walls is covered with vibrant hand-painted wooden tiles in various shades of pink. Each screen has a different colour theme; the inside of one hall is a dramatic ‘theatre red’, illuminated by the signature, angular strip lighting, also in red.

This screen room has a vibrant pink theme
Each screen has its own vibrant colour scheme. Image by: Marcus Wend

As well as being gorgeous to look at, the cinema runs loads of themed events ‘QueerFilmNight’, making it a perfectly Berlin way to unwind after a jam-packed day of city sightseeing.