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Skaters rejoice! A huge new skate park just opened in Düsseldorf

Thrill-seekers in Germany have just been handed a golden ticket with the opening of the nation’s biggest skate park in the city of Düsseldorf.

Germany's largest skate park opens
Skate Park Eller opens in Düsseldorf. Photo by: PWiens

The 3800-square-meter facility has been in the making for 13 years, at a cost of cost €1.8 million (US$2.1 million). Skaters, BMX riders and rollerbladers from around the country are already flocking to the huge skate park in the city’s Eller district, with visitors telling Deutsche Welle the park is “perfectly built,” with “something for everyone.”

Since opening on 30 June 2018, the extreme sports park on Heidelberger Straße has received rave reviews from visitors. “We have a huge skate scene here, but until now there was not a large facility that did it justice,” local skater Fabrice Correa told Express.

Germany's biggest skate park is now open
Skate Park Eller, Düsseldorf. Photo by: PWiens

Positive reviews are already pouring in, with commenters on Facebook dubbing it a “dream come true”. “The many efforts, over 10 years of fighting for this park, have been worth it. The dream is now poured into concrete,” one reviewer wrote.

The park features a 1600-square-meter street skating area, massive bowls and swimming pools, specially designed runs for children, and sculptures from renowned artists like Imi Knoebel. Famous Danish skateboarder Rune Glifberg was also consulted in the planning process, providing his expertise to ensure the bowls were equally challenging for longtime skaters and accessible to amateurs.

Skate Park Eller, Düsseldorf
Thrill-seekers rejoice as Germany’s largest skate park opens. Photo by: PWiens

Professional skaters will get the chance to try out the new park’s various ramps, rails and bowls when it plays host to the 2018 German Skateboarding Championships. Famous skateboarders will compete for the €20,000 (US$23,500) grand prize on 12–16 September.

Situated next to the picturesque Eller Schlosspark, Skate Park Eller is open to visitors daily from 9am–9pm.