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Amazon Alexa can now order you room service

You can now do a lot more than asking your Alexa device to play Despacito, because Amazon Echo is ready to bring its voice-controlled virtual assistant to hotel rooms.

Amazon Echo devices come with a virtual personal assistant named Alexa. Photo by David Becker/Getty Images

“Alexa becomes the hub of the room,” writes Amazon on the “Alexa for Hospitality” program’s launch page. “It integrates seamlessly with your existing amenities, to become your guests’ virtual concierge.” Hotels who sign up will place Alexa devices in their rooms so guests can control everything through their voice.

Order breakfast in bed. Image by PhotoAlto/Gabriel Sanchez/Getty Images

“Alexa, order room service,” or “Alexa, call the front desk,” are just a couple of the things guests will be able to ask their virtual concierge. Alexa will even be able to check them out of their bedrooms once their stay is over and Amazon plans to introduce the possibility of temporarily linking a room’s device with a client’s Amazon account so that Alexa can play personalized music and Audible audiobooks.

Alexa will also control everything physically in the room, from lights to temperature, and plans are in development to make it possible for guests to book tours, exclusive activities or make reservations through the Amazon device as well.

“We want to deliver immersive experiences,” Amazon said of its new hospitality program. Photo by Joseph Branston/T3 Magazine via Getty Images

The American company has launched its Alexa for Hospitality program this summer. At the moment it’s available in two hotels of the Marriott International group which is working in partnership with Amazon, the Marriott City Centre in Charlotte, North Carolina and the Irvine Spectrum in Irvine City, California. Other hotels can sign up for the program and receive a special invitation from Amazon, together with a bulk set of Alexa devices to equip their rooms with.

This is the company’s first venture into the travel industry, a move that people had been expecting for quite some time now. And to make sure nothing goes wrong, they are working on security precautions that will guarantee the privacy of users, like all commands deleting themselves each day from Alexa’s memory.

You can read more about Alexa for Hospitality on Amazon’s official page here.