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Kunsthal Tower takes art to new heights in Copenhagen

Look up while passing through the heart of Copenhagen‘s bustling Strøget pedestrian street these days and you might see something a little out of the ordinary. One of the highest points in the city has a new look: the soaring tower of the former church and current contemporary art space Nikolaj Kunsthal, is sporting an enormous pink ring.

Copenhagen's Nikolaj Kunsthal Tower is sporting a pink ring.
Nikolaj Kunsthal Tower, Copenhagen. Photo by: Caroline Hadamitzky

The ring is part of an art installation called Things For A Symmetrical Tower, created especially to mark the opening of the 400-year-old tower to visitors. Danish artist Tommy Støckel has created geometrical pieces from building materials such as foam and plasterboard, which can be enjoyed within four levels of the tower.

A view over Copenhagen from the Nikolaj Tower
View from the Nikolaj Kunsthal Tower. Photo by: Caroline Hadamitzky

The twelve-sided ring representing eternity can be found at the top, at a height of 35 metres. Views from the tower are magnificent, featuring Christiansborg Palace, the Old Stock Exchange, and even the Øresund Bridge, connecting Denmark to Sweden.

Clock House, Nikolaj Tower
The Clock House. Photo by: Caroline Hadamitzky

The tower can only be accessed by guided tours, which are offered in both Danish and English. The climb up the tower is moderately difficult, and includes some steep steps and tight spaces. Visitors can also get a peek into the centuries-old clockworks – the clock house is integrated into the installation, with symmetrical figures surrounding it.

Things For A Symmetrical Tower will run at Nikolaj Kunsthal until 28 October 2018, but the tower is scheduled to remain open to the public on a permanent basis.

By Caroline Hadamitzky