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This company has effectively just turned water into wine

This winery has just essentially proved that you can indeed turn water into wine by rolling out their new product.

Water into wine@ Photo by Chad Springer/Getty Images

O.Vine is a “wine water” produced at Golan Heights Winery, which sits among the Galilee Mountains just outside of the city of Katzrin, in Israel. The winery is actually the third-largest in the whole country, and it describes O.Vine as a “water with the memory of wine.” Just like a person retains good sensations from a pleasant experience, O.Vine has all the good properties of wine, such as its taste and its natural antioxidants, but not its calories and preservatives. And of course, none of the alcohol.

The sign outside of Golan Heights Winery. Photo by Emily Riddell/Getty Images

O.Vine differs from “simple” non-alcoholic wine because of the process with which it’s made – “wine water” is made by infusing water with grape skins and seeds that are left over after the traditional winemaking process, after which they’re normally thrown away. As of right now, it’s the first of its kind in the world, and Golan Heights Winery proudly describes it as “a magical hybrid of two of mankind’s oldest drinks.”

Grape skins and seeds are usually thrown out after the winemaking process. Photo by David Silverman/Getty Images

O.Vine is available either in a red or white “connection,” and can be had in still or sparkling form. Golan Winery describes its taste as “refreshing, light and fruity.” At the moment, the only way to taste is to take a trip to the mountains of Galilee, but the winery hopes to start shipping its O.Vine out very soon.

You can get more information on Golan Heights Winery on their website here.