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Get the scoop on Pennsylvania's new ice-cream trail

Ice cream is the perennial summer treat, and Pennsylvania has taken the dairy favourite to a new level with the introduction of its “Pursue Your Scoops Ice Cream Trail.” There are 12 locations on the trail, and the challenge is to visit each one and enjoy an ice cream there.

Pennsylvania has launched its “Pursue Your Scoops” ice cream trail. Image: By Stephanie Zell

Each farm will swing opens the doors to its creamery to give you the inside scoop on how it makes its fresh ice cream. The farms included on the trail are family-owned, local creameries, where the cows are cared for by dairy farmers and the products are sold straight to small business owners in the area. Visit Pennsylvania worked with the PA Department of Agriculture and the Center for Dairy Excellence to create the trail, which is aimed at showcasing local dairy businesses.

You can download a “passport” to the trail and use it to chart your progress working your way through the trail, which sounds like our kind of challenge. Hell and Back, it ain’t, thankfully. Those who visit six stops on the trail will receive a T-shirt, and the intrepid souls who manage to enjoy a delicious ice cream in all 12 locations will receive an ice cream scoop. You can check out each of the locations here and see what they have on offer, but beware, it may want to make you jump on a plane and head off to launch yourself on the trail.

There are 12 locations on the trail and the challenge is to visit each one and enjoy an ice cream. Image by andresr/Getty Images

For further information on the Pursue Your Scoops challenge, see here, and to download your passport and get cracking on the challenge of getting all that delicious ice cream in your belly, see here.