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Why you might want to leave your Speedos at home this summer

If you’re packing for your summer vacation, you might want to think your swimwear choices out again, based on the results of a new survey. It has revealed that 99% of women don’t want to see their partner wearing Speedos, while for women’s swimwear, the bikini still reigns supreme in popularity among both sexes.

99% of women wouldn’t want their partner to wear Speedos. Image: Mike Brinson

The survey of 1000 British holidaymakers, conducted by beach holiday specialist, On the Beach, has revealed that men seem to feel the same way about the notoriously tight swimwear, nicknamed “budgie-smugglers,” with just 2% choosing to wear them on their beach break. More than half (51%) of women said they preferred to see guys wearing swim shorts instead. However, it seems women are not totally averse to tighter beach togs, with 19% saying they would like to see their man wearing the more fitted swimming trunks.

British holidaymakers buy new clothes to look confident on holidays. Image by PeopleImages/Getty Images

The survey also revealed that the bikini continues to be a hit for both women and men. According to results, more than half of women (51%) choose to wear a bikini on the beach, with 27% of women now opting for a one-piece during their summer break. More than a third of men (38%) named the bikini as the beachwear option they’d choose for their partner, suggesting that men prefer more revealing options. Only 13% stated that they would prefer to see their partner sporting a swimsuit. One that basis, they probably wouldn’t be thrilled at the news that 12% of women would opt for a tankini, while 5% prefer to cover up a little and wear a kaftan on the beach.

Women and men weren’t in favour of men wearing Speedos. Image: Chris Dela Cruz

“While people should of course wear whatever they feel most comfortable in, our survey shows that those planning on wearing super-snug Speedos on the beach this summer might be few and far between, with their popularity waning amongst both men and women,” says Alan Harding, marketing director at On the Beach. “The bikini continues to remain the most popular item of beachwear amongst women, though changing trends are seeing the rise in popularity of the more traditional one-piece.”

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