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The lobby of this Las Vegas hotel looks like it is straight out of Stranger Things

Visitors to the Park MGM in Las Vegas may be forgiven for thinking that they’ve wandered onto the set of Stranger Things, as the hotel lobby features a unique and impressive arboreal ceiling installation that looks like something straight out of The Upside Down.

The lobby of the Park MGM.
The lobby of the Park MGM. Image by Patrick Michael Chin

Created by Brazilian artist Henrique Oliveira, the piece sits in a round, central alcove in the lobby’s ceiling near the concierge desk. From there, enormous branches make their way outwards towards the edges of the room. The artist wanted the piece to look as if guests were viewing the roots of a gigantic tree from below. The sculpture was created using an interior wire structure and soft wood to give it its shape, then covered in reclaimed wood sourced from Brazil, as well as the surrounding area of Las Vegas. The piece is the result of a curated art programme that sees Park MGM working with studio be-poles to bring dynamic and unique pieces to the hotel. The majority of Henrique Oliveira’s artwork follows a similar theme, with the artist creating installations and sculptures of varying sizes that mimic nature and wood.

Henrique Oliviera's arboreal installation sits in the ceiling of the lobby.
Henrique Oliveira’s arboreal installation sits in the ceiling of the lobby. Image by Alina Rancier

“Henrique Oliveira’s masterpiece of the lobby really embraces the whole spirit and soul of Park MGM. It is challenging, it is intriguing, it is refreshing, it is nurturing, just like arriving in the clearing of a park. It has the dry aspect of the environment of the urban city, the colour scheme of the surrounding desert, yet one can just imagine being immersed in a lot of nature right above and feeling the strength of being rooted,” Virginie Boulenger of studios be-poles told Lonely Planet Travel News.

The artist making the piece in his studio. Image by Alina Rancier

Aside from the curated artwork, the site boasts a number of features that are sure to keep guests entertained. Formerly the Monte Carlo Resort and Casino, the establishment officially changed its name to Park MGM last May, and work is underway to complete NoMad, a 292-room standalone hotel that encompasses the tower’s top four floors and includes a casino, pool and restaurant. Work is expected to be completed by fall 2018.

The newly unveiled Park MGM will incorporate NoMad into the property this fall. Image by Park MGM/Patrick Michael Chin

More information on Park MGM is available at the official website.